You Create Your Own Reality

Come here…I have a secret…you create your own reality!

you create your own reality

Did you know that you hold all of the power entirely in your own hands? Every single thing you could ever want in life is totally attainable when you realize this. So many people go through life thinking that the world is happening to them. Or everything is outside of them. Or they need X, Y, and Z to have the dream life or to finally feel happy. But the truth is, everything is up to you. Feeling happy right now is entirely up to you. It’s not the decision of some outside thing or person. It’s not dependent on whether you get that job or not or whether that boy you like calls you back. It’s entirely up to you because you create your own reality. 

Our beliefs create our reality

We all experience things in life that affect the way we behave and see the world. And 9 times out of 10, these experiences have created limiting beliefs or certain patterns of behavior that do not benefit us anymore. It is our responsibility to shift this because when we shift our thoughts we can shift our beliefs. When we shift our beliefs we can shift our reality. We live in a physical world that completely reflects everything that’s happening in our inner world, so when we shift the inside we can shift the outside. 

From personal expereince, I remember feeling so stuck and in this weird place in between happy and unhappy. I wasn’t really happy but I wasn’t really unhappy. I always thought “when I see success in my business I’ll be happy”, “when I leave this job I’ll be happy”, “when I spend more time with my boyfriend I’ll be happy”.

But I could have taken all of that energy and put it towards actually shifting the things in my brain that were keeping me in that in-between stage. And when I actually started doing that, so much in my life changed. Not to mention it’s actually the other way around. When you heal and shift from the inside, your external reality shifts on the outside.

How to start shifting now

It started with putting my energy towards shifting the thoughts and beliefs that weren’t serving me. I started seeing how being exactly where I am is totally and completely perfect. I realized that my self love and self image were not nearly as high as I thought they were and began seeing myself for the beautiful and unique person that I am. Doing these things allowed me to feel a night and day difference. When I think about it, I don’t recognize that person anymore.

You have to give yourself the feelings that you desire to feel now, regardless of what things look like in the physical. For me, I have stepped into feelings of abundance, freedom, and gratitude. I’ve aligned myself with people who are more like me than anyone I have ever met before and share the same passion for this type of work. I feel more myself than I ever have. I feel so free knowing that every single thing that happens in my life is up to me. I have taken full responsibility for the reality I had previously created and began creating one that is the reality of my dreams. 

Getting neutral

It begins with neutralizing the things that you don’t like or want to shift and giving yourself the feelings you desire now. So let’s use a job as an example. You have a job that you don’t love and it drains you every day and all you can think about is how much you hate it. You can begin to shift this thought pattern by seeing how that job is actually benefiting you. And this is absolutely not me saying that you should go into work every day and pretend to be happy and stifle your feelings because that’s not healthy either.

But once you start to see the other side of it, you’ll start to feel a lot more neutral and not be upset about going into work. You’ll be able to go in, get the job done, and go home without giving it a second thought. Things will start to feel better for you because…say it with me…you create your own reality!

Your job is definitely bringing you money so that’s one positive. Maybe it’s taught you one or multiple new skills that you can use in another job or the business you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe you’ve met a really amazing co-worker that’s become a close friend of yours. Has it helped you grow as a person in any way? Do you get any cool benefits or perks? Is it funding the thing you really want to do while you work on it before it takes off? Do you like getting out of the house? Or not having to leave the house? 

Bring those feelings in now

The more we notice the little things on the other side of the scale, the more we can balance out and see something from a neutral place. And from there you can start to move towards the feelings that you want. Maybe you want to feel more confident so you can take on your passion project full time. How can you implement more feelings of confidence in your daily life? Or notice the moments that are already there?

I bet you feel at least a little confident when you complete a task (no matter the size). Or when you start something new and it’s going better than expected. When you pass a level in a game. When you finally made that call that you were a little afraid to make. There are so many tiny instances in our daily lives where we feel confident and might actually not even realize it. 

Start to notice these things every single day. The more you do that, the more your brain begins to shift. And when you change your thoughts, you change your beliefs. When you change your beliefs, you create your own reality. Every single person in this world can do this. It just starts with believing you can! And I believe in you.

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