Why Affirmations Don’t Work

Learning why affirmations don’t work is going to be a MASSIVE jumpstart for anyone wanting to make a shift in their life. It’s okay if you feel like they aren’t working for you, let’s talk about why that might be the case.

why affirmations don't work

Here’s why

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and called yourself a millionaire a thousand times and felt like it didn’t do a single thing? Or that it made you feel even worse than you did before you started doing the affirmations? There’s a reason for that. The subconscious mind runs our brain over everything else and just doing regular affirmations does not get the message into the subconscious. You’re basically putting a bandaid over a limiting belief and there’s no room for the affirmation to really sink in.

Since the subconscious is in charge, we have to talk to it in a way it understands. A way that will allow it to actually absorb the information and new beliefs we want to create. Besides the fact that we need to clear out a whole lot of old garbage before we can actually begin to change our experience. The brain needs to be reprogrammed, and just saying the same thing over and over again won’t do that. Hence, why affirmations don’t work.

Your subconscious needs proof, and without the proof it’ll always feel like you’re lying to yourself. That’s why you can call yourself a millionaire all you want but since you don’t see a million dollars in your bank account, your subconscious feels like you’re lying to it…which you are. Not that there’s anything wrong with being delulu, trust me, that’s a whole other conversation. 

What to do instead

What’s better than affirmations is brain reprogramming statements. These are things you can tell yourself that will help you actually rewire your brain so that you can begin actually changing your reality. When you change your internal reality, your external reality eventually catches up and changes too. Using money as an example, you can start saying something like “I see money all around me”. This is something you can concretely prove to yourself.

When you’re on the way to work in your car, you’re seeing money all around you in so many different ways. Your own car is a massive one, think about how much money your car costs! And you’re on the road with other cars, think about how much money their cars cost! You see a fancy sports car driving past…even more money! If you spent your ride adding up how much money around you, I guarantee it would be in the millions just from cars alone! Then you pick up your phone, that’s around $1000 right there. Maybe you have a really nice bag, or high quality headphones. But there is literally money around you CONSTANTLY.

It’s all about the micro moments

Count the small things too, you don’t have to have a luxury bag or car for this to work. All moments big or small will allow you to reprogram your brain. Going on a walk in a nice neighborhood will have you surrounded by millions of dollars (or any neighborhood will have you racking up the dollar amount easily). Even your kitchen table is worth a good chunk of money! The extra 27 cents you still have in your wallet, that’s money! The more you start clocking every time you see money, the easier it will get. And you’ll realize that money is literally around you every single day, every single hour, every single second. And doing this will allow you to reprogram your brain and create new neural pathways.

Start using brain reprogramming statements

You can do this in every single area of life. Come up with a statement that feels good to you and allows you to prove whatever it is you’re desiring to yourself. I have a list of examples for you, just sign up here and you’ll receive the pdf!

This applies to absolutely everything, and what you focus on you get more of, so you’ll be seeing your reality change in no time. And don’t forget to notice when it does! If you start working on reprogramming your thoughts about money and the next week someone buys you a coffee, notice that as receiving financial abundance. Free things are still worth money! Expressing gratitude every time you receive will allow you to be open to receiving even more.

Honestly, this process becomes fun when you really get into it. I love going on my walks and seeing how much money I can rack up by counting the value of all the houses I pass. It becomes like a game and you don’t even realize you’re reprogramming your brain. Then one day you realize that limiting belief is completely gone and you have a whole new perspective that feels really good to you. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck wondering why affirmations don’t work. And trust me, you’re not the only one!

Share with me what you’re wanting to reprogram and how you plan on doing it. I would love to hear your statements! 

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