Dessert Sushi

Sushi lovers, this one’s for you! Dessert sushi is the sweet sister of the traditional savory sushi. You can make these with almost anything you have lying around and they are so much fun! This unique dessert makes such a cute addition to any gathering. Grab your favourite fillings, it’s time to let your creativity run wild! 

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dessert sushi

What is dessert sushi

Dessert sushi is a super fun and different way to enjoy your dessert. It’s an easy treat that can be made with so many different things you already have lying around your house! In this version we use classic Rice Krispie treats on the outside, followed by the brownie version of a cake pop mixture. Then on the inside, we used a banana for one roll and crushed up Oreos for another. You can truly get so creative with this type of dessert and that makes it even more exciting!

You could use different types of cereal treats, different types of crushed cookies, cake, fruit, candy, anything sweet would go perfectly in your very own customized dessert sushi! 


Here are the ingredients I used for my two rolls. Like I said, you can absolutely pick and choose whatever you’d like to use. I just recommend using something sturdy that will hold its shape for the outside. 

  • Rice Krispie Treats
  • brownies with icing 
  • banana 
  • crushed oreos 

Here are some other ideas:

For the outside roll:
  • any type of cereal treat that you can flatten and roll 
  • rice paper 
  • tortilla (even better with some butter and cinnamon sugar on it!) 
  • a thin sheet cake (if you’re confident will rolling one) 
  • bread or french toast 
the final dessert sushi
  • crushed up cookies
  • cereals
  • cake pieces 
  • cake pop mixture 
  • fruit 
  • whipped cream 
  • candy 
  • potato chips or pretzels (sweet and salty!) 
  • marshmallows 
  • chocolate bar pieces 
  • plain chocolate
  • your fave spread  
Toppings or dipping:
  • frosting 
  • whipped cream
  • chocolate ganache 
  • fruit sauce (eg. raspberry, strawberry)
  • jam 
  • shaved chocolate 
  • flavoured syrups 


How to make dessert sushi 

Prepare ingredients

To begin making your dessert sushi, get all your ingredients handy. If you’re choosing to make your own cereal treats, definitely do that first. You can find my base recipe here. Otherwise you can most definitely buy them beforehand. I recommend buying the larger ones so you can make some bigger rolls but that is completely up to you. Also, if you’d like to use brownie or cake in yours, make that first as well. I used store bought brownie mix and mixed the brownies with frosting after they had cooled. This makes it much easier to stick to the surface of your rolls. 


When you have all of your ingredients out and ready, it’s time to start assembling! First, roll out your cereal treats if you’re using them. This makes them thinner so they’re not totally gigantic when you roll them up. It also makes them a little easier to work with. You can also roll out your bread or cake if that’s what you’re using and you want it to be a little thinner. There aren’t exact measurements for the size you should be using, every roll will be like a snowflake and that’s okay! Just use what you have available and eyeball your measurements if necessary. You want something that’s decently wide but also long enough to roll and close completely. 

flattening rice krispie treats using a rolling pin

Lay your cereal treats flat after you have rolled them out. Then, add your next filling, which in our case was the brownie cake pop mixture. I recommend adding something that will stick as the second layer if you have it so that the whole roll stays together as much as possible. If you’re not using anything super sticky, no worries. Next, you can add your third layer, we used banana for one and crushed Oreos for the other. Anything you’d like to add, add it now. Three layers is probably the max for your dessert sushi, this allows you to have a multi dimensional dessert but also won’t make it too big or bursting at the seams. 

Roll time

You’ll want to layer your roll to the edges of how long you believe the roll will be. This way you will get multiple rings of ingredients that are perfectly round (at least as close as you can get). After your three layers have been placed, it’s time to start rolling! Gently begin curling the side closest to you. For the banana, wrap the cereal treat around the shape of the banana and continue rolling out from there. For anything else just slowly and gently begin to roll your sushi away from you like you would roll anything else. You may need to tighten your roll as you go.

Do your best to make sure that everything is wrapped tightly and gets enclosed as well as possible. Since the cereal treats make such a sturdy base, rolling them should be pretty easy. When you get to the end of the roll you may have to cut off some excess if there is any. Then, using a little pressure, seal the end of the roll as best as you can so that it becomes seamless. At this point you may want to let your dessert sushi sit in the fridge for a little bit so that it can firm up slightly. This will make it easier to cut into your little sushi pieces. You can refrigerate them for as little as around 15 minutes to as long as a few hours. 

Cut your rolls

Whenever you’re ready, use a serrated knife to cut your dessert sushi in a sawing motion. Start by cutting off the ends and then cut into as many pieces as you can get out of your roll. Try to do this as evenly as possible but it is beyond okay if they’re not perfect. You’ll have a delicious dessert no matter what! Once all your rolls and pieces have been cut, you can add any toppings or sauces that you desire. And now you’re ready to serve and enjoy your adorable dessert sushi!     

How to store 

How to store your dessert sushi all depends on what you used to make it. If you’re using any kind of shelf stable ingredients like cereal, candy, cookies, etc., then you can keep your sushi at room temperature in an airtight container or bag. If you’re using anything like fruit or frosting, I recommend keeping it in the refrigerator. Either way you will be able to keep them well for up to around 3-5 days. 

a close up of chopsticks holding the final roll

Dessert Sushi

Sushi lovers, this one’s for you! Dessert sushi is the sweet sister of the traditional savory sushi. You can make these with almost anything you have lying around and they are so much fun! This unique dessert makes such a cute addition to any gathering. Grab your favourite fillings, it’s time to let your creativity run wild! 
Prep Time30 minutes
Cook Time0 minutes
Total Time30 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American, Japanese
Keyword: dessert sushi, sushi
Servings: 1 dessert sushi roll
Author: Gianna


  • Rice Krispie treats
  • brownies mixed with frosting
  • crushed oreos
  • banana


  • Prepare any unmade ingredients.
  • Roll out the Rice Krispie treats to about ¼ – ½ inch thickness.
  • Layer fillings on top starting with the most sticky.
  • Gently roll away from your body until the dessert sushi is completely rolled up.
  • Seal the edges with a little pressure and discard any excess if necessary.
  • Repeat for as many rolls as you’d like.
  • Let refrigerate for at least 15 minutes.
  • Cut off the edges and then cut the roll into even pieces.
  • Add any toppings desired. Enjoy!

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