Gianna sitting at an orange table with an orange background behind her. She is holding a container of cookies in one hand and a single cookie in the other.

Hi there! My name is Gianna and I’m the one-woman show behind Cereal is Dessert. Here we create and share dessert recipes that are a pinch outside the box, a dash nostalgic and a whole lot of fun! This is the perfect place for you if:

-you want to make yummy desserts at varying degrees of difficulty (but nothing too crazy)

-you’re a cereal lover who thrives off nostalgia (just like me!) 

-you’re looking for your latest dessert fave to bring to your next function and wow your loved ones 

I am a completely self-taught baker that really loves just creating sweet treats that are a little different than what I’ve seen before. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved baking. Whether that be scooping cookie dough with my mom as a child, or making rainbow box cakes for fun as a teenager. It wasn’t until I was in early adulthood that I became ambitious enough to try making things from scratch. 

I went to university to study photography and towards the end of my time there I got an itch to explore the world of cookie making. With the help of many YouTube videos and a few cookie and dessert specific baking shows, I really got to see what it would be like to dive into making things that weren’t from a box. From there, I became pretty obsessed with making cookies, initially starting with getting my first chocolate chip recipe just right. 

I have always been passionate about content creation, a notch on the belt of the long list of things I love to make. Throughout the last few years I’ve spent a long time trying to figure out what I wanted to do and how I could utilize my passions in the best way possible for me. More recently, I realized that baking is one of my ultimate passions and combining it with content creation in the form of a blog is something that fits so perfectly that I often wonder why I never thought of it sooner. 

I’m here to share all of the crazy dessert recipes that are flying around my brain and connect with others who share a similar love for baking, cereal, and adding some more fun into your life!